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The board may seek financial assistance in order to carry out its duties and support the work and programmes it approves. All funds are managed through the HABSR office and held in trust for the ministries and released according to the supplied projected monthly and yearly budgets.

HABSR and its affiliated ministries are funded by a donor base drawn from the Anglican Church of Southern Africa, as well as funding Organisations such as the Bishop Simeon Trust set up in the UK specifically for the purposes of raising funds for Social Responsibility work in SA.

HABSR may also source funds from Local and Provincial government to sustain programmes run by them.

HABSR seeks to initiate stronger ties with Government to address funding and policy changes.

HABSR encourages ministries to be registered with the relevant government departments to access funding and not only rely on HABSR and its donors to support the work they undertake.

Sourcing of funding is determined by the yearly projected budgets submitted to the board by the various programmes and ministries by the end of HABSR'S financial year which is 31st December.


Current Funding partners are as follows: