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ccaChild Care Advocates assist in the care and support of the children in the Safe Parks and in the OVC programmes.

This programme aimed to offer care and protection to children of all ages whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS, by facilitating access to existing government grants and other resources available to orphaned families, in order to reduce poverty and risk of exploitation. Since 2005, 135 Child Care Advocates have been fully trained and operate within the boundaries of the Diocese. The Child Care Advocates are responsible to educate their patients and the broader community on new HIV/AIDS policies and ARV adherence protocols and have also been involved in government campaigns, raising awareness aimed at reducing violence against women and children. HABSR encourages Child Care Advocates to establish community forums, engage with other partners and local government departments and being representatives at conferences and public lobbying.

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What is Needed?

donatetoday-buttonHow You Can Help

  • Training services
  • Child Care Advocate volunteers
  • Councellor volunteers
  • Money donations

Child Care Advocates are Trained on:

  • Rights of children
  • Policy and legislation
  • Basic HIV / AIDS
  • Basic counselling
  • Networking and collaboration
  • International and regional laws

Child Care Advocates Photos

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